Changing Young Children's
Lives For Good


Young children may go for days without a real meal in the communities where Give A Child Life works. Weakened by chronic hunger, a child's body becomes vulnerable to diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea. Many of these children die. Others survive but suffer developmental delays that impact the rest of their lives. Emergency and supplemental food can make an enormous difference. In Kenya GCL is providing....

  • A nutritious breakfast and a protein and vitamin-rich lunch every day to 35 children age three and under at our Shamba La Watoto (Children's Garden) compound in Kenya's Kiandutu slum.
  • Morning porridge for up to 120 babies cared for by local women in their homes.
  • Daily lunches for up to 50 little boys and girls attending local preschools.
  • Nutritious meals for up to 140 young boys and girls each day during school holidays.
  • Eggs and milk to severely underweight infants and children.
  • Emergency food to young children and families in crisis.

$1 Provides Three Meals To Hungry Children